What Towers Does Tracfone Use For Best Four Network Providers

Tracfone is a network service provider that offers several different types of plans. Their most popular service is their prepaid phone plan, where you pay a monthly fee to use your phone in any area in the U.S.. To find out more about Tracfone’s Towers, check out the full article and why they are the best four providers today.

Tracfone is one of the largest prepaid wireless providers in the United States, with over 23 million subscribers as of 2018.  The company was founded in 1996, and in 2008 it became a subsidiary of Mexican telecommunications company America Móvil. Most of the company’s cell phones run on the CDMA network standard, which is also used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Corporation. However, since Verizon and Sprint are CDMA carriers, they do not sell their service to Tracfone customers. Instead, Tracfone uses the services of four other carriers to provide service to its customers. (TechHive)

Tracfone wireless is one of the well-known American companies that offer prepaid phone services without a contract. It is well known in the telecommunications market and has many customers. TracFone Towers offers a no-contract phone service. This means that you do not have to commit to the company for a long period of time, and you do not have to sign a contract. Tracfone operates as a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, offering virtual network services. The parent company of Tracfone is also well known, it is the largest telecommunications company in Mexico, America Movil.

MVNOs such as Tracfone do not have their own network but lease the network from major operators such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, etc. Most mobile virtual network operators rent network towers for coverage, which is not as reliable as that of the major network operators. Tracfone’s situation is different because it doesn’t just use one network, but leases towers from four major carriers like Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T and Sprint.

Tracfone can offer you services on all four networks, you can either buy phones from Tracfone and use the network that suits you or bring your own. This is also possible and your device will be connected to the network you bought it on, for example if you take your device from Sprint, it will be connected to the Sprint network. That’s why, despite its popularity, Tracfone doesn’t offer a network of its own transmission towers, instead renting towers from large companies and offering services.

Which masts Tracfone uses for the four largest network operators

As you know, Tracfone is not its own network operator, but an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that leases towers to other companies and provides services to customers. Unlike other mobile virtual network providers, Tracfone does not rent towers from a single company, which limits coverage area, but rents towers from 4 major providers in the country, which significantly increases coverage area and reliability.

The four main network companies whose masts Tracfone uses are:

  1. Verizon Network.
  2. AT&T network.
  3. T-Mobile network.
  4. Sprint Net.

1. Verizon Network

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications and networking companies in the country. It is the best network in terms of coverage because it covers a large part of the country. Verizon covers almost the entire United States.

Verizon Corporation operates a separate wireless communications company called Verizon wireless. Verizon Wireless has the right to lease its towers to virtual mobile network operators such as Tracfone, bringing in additional revenue. Tracfone is one of several wireless virtual network operators that use Verizon towers to provide services to their customers and lease towers from Verizon for better coverage.

2. AT&T Network

AT&T is another well-known name in the networking and telecommunications industry and is a company that many customers trust. However, AT&T’s coverage is not as extensive as Verizon and T-Mobile’s. AT&T is no fan when it comes to network coverage either, as it ranks third, behind Verizon and T-mobile, of companies with the best network coverage nationwide. Coverage is 58%, which is the same as T-mobile and a very good coverage area compared to others. AT&T is known for providing quality and reliability to its customers.

Tracfone also leases masts on AT&T’s network, significantly expanding Tracfone’s coverage area and attracting customers for the service. Because of these advantages, MVNOs like Tracfone use AT&T’s network towers to deliver the network.

3. T-Mobile Network

T-mobile is also one of the four major telecommunications companies in the country. In terms of network coverage, T-mobile is one of the best in the country, covering almost 59% of the country. Therefore, it is very reliable when compared to other network operators in the country. Tracfone, as a mobile virtual network operator, uses the towers of four major operators, with T-mobile being one of the main towers used by Tracfone.

4. Sprint Network

Sprint’s network is a lesser-known service provider than Verizon or T-Mobile. It has fewer transmission towers, so the coverage area is also smaller than other network towers used by Tracfone. With a coverage area of only 29%, not many people in the country have access to the Sprint network, but if you are in Sprint’s coverage area, the reliability and coverage is excellent. Because of its reliability and low tariffs Tracfone uses the masts of the Sprint network.

TracfoneNetwork reliability

As we know, Tracfone uses towers from four different providers with their own coverage area, some have the highest coverage area in the country like Verizon, some have decent coverage and some less. If you are using a network with strong coverage, such as Verizon, the reliability of your network will be very good, but if you are outside the coverage area of a particular network, the reliability may not be very good and you may experience network performance issues.

Below is the network coverage that Tracfone uses as a mobile virtual network operator:

  • Verizon with 70% 4G network coverage.
  • T-Mobile with 59% 4G network coverage.
  • AT&T with a 4G network coverage of 58%.
  • Sprint with 27% 4G network coverage.

MVNOs like Tracfone use other providers’ masts for reasons of profitability and coverage. If MNVOs use their own towers to offer a network, they have to invest millions and billions of dollars to provide good network coverage, so they lease the towers from the large network operators to offer a network to their customers.

TracFone liner

Tracfone’s network coverage depends on the network you select in your device from the networks that Tracfone offers, such as Verizon, at&t, sprint, etc. You can bring your device to Tracfone and get the network from where you brought it. If you z. B. If you buy a Verizon phone, you get the Verizon network, which is one of the best with 70% coverage. And if you don’t bring your own device and want to buy one from Tracfone, the network will be provided based on your device.

For example, network coverage depends on your device and the network you are using. B. Some companies have excellent 4G coverage, but your phone doesn’t support 4G, so 4G coverage is useless to you. And for some people, the 3G network isn’t enough and your company’s 4G coverage isn’t good enough, so you won’t have much use for this network.

We have already explained that most virtual mobile network operators use only one network to offer services to their customers. Tracfone uses the network and coverage of four major networks, Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint. But Tracfone is not the only one using four networks, there are many mobile virtual network operators who, like Tracfone, use four networks to offer services to their customers, for example. B. NET10 is an MVNO and uses four networks: Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, US cellular.

There are other MVNOs that offer four networks, such as. B :

  1. Red pocket (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T)
  2. Straight Talk (t-mobile, verizon, at&t, sprint)
  3. Tracfone (Verizon, at&t, t-mobile, sprint)

How is Tracfone’s coverage compared to other MVNOs?

Most virtual mobile network operators use only one service provider and rent towers from only one provider, so the coverage area of these networks may not be very good. If these mobile virtual network operators use the towers of a single network, the reliability of that network is also not very high, and you will not be able to get a good network outside the coverage area, and since the coverage area is minimal, your device will not be able to get a good network everywhere.

However, in the context of Tracfone, the situation is different because they use the networks of four major carriers like Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint. Therefore, if mobile virtual network operators such as Tracfone use the four major providers, the coverage and reliability of the network will be significantly increased to the benefit of customers of mobile virtual network operators such as Tracfone, even if they live in rural areas and other mobile virtual network operators cannot provide a network there.

TracfoneMain features

1. Network range:

Tracfone is one of the few mobile virtual network operators to use four major service providers. TracFone uses four networks and not just one, so TracFone’s network coverage is really good compared to other mobile virtual network operators.

2. Prices:

Most prepaid service providers charge high rates for their services. However, Tracfone strives to keep the prices of its services as low as possible so that customers can use its services for a small amount. The lowest amount you can get the Tracfone network for is $20 per month. For this price, the Tracfone offers unlimited texting and calling, as well as 1GB of 4G LTE data, which might be enough for everyday use.

However, if you need more data, you can choose a more expensive plan for $25 and $30 per month, for this price you can get more data. But Tracfone doesn’t give you unlimited data, and you have to buy data for $10 per gigabyte of data.

3. Telephone variant:

Tracfone offers many options when choosing a phone, you can bring your own phone to activate the service if you want, and if you want to buy phones from Tracfone for a GSM compatible device, there are not many options available, you have to choose the chosen option, and the price of such a device will not exceed $300.

4. Customer service:

Tracfone does not have its own customer service, so you can use the network by simply activating your device with Tracfone and using it. If you have a problem with your network, you can contact the company’s toll-free number 611611, on this number you can ask about the basic problem.


  • Excellent network coverage
  • Affordable prices


  • Unlimited data
  • No special customer service
  • Does not have its own networks

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q : Can I get unlimited data with Tracfone?

Answer: No, we can’t get unlimited data with Tracfone, so we have to buy data whenever we want, at a certain price set by Tracfone.

Q : How many networks does Tracfone use?

Answer: Tracfone mainly uses four major networks like verizon, at&t, t-mobile, sprint mobile. These are all major network operators.

Q : What is Tracfone’s coverage area?

Answer: The coverage of Tracfone depends on the networks used. Since Tracfone uses 4 main networks, coverage depends on both the network used and the device used.


Tracfone has better coverage than other mobile virtual network operators because it uses towers from four major carriers, including Verizon, at&t, t-mobile and sprint mobile. This significantly increases Tracfone’s coverage area compared to other mobile virtual network operators. Tracfone is cheap and everyone can afford this service. You don’t get unlimited data, but otherwise Tracfone is great, so if you want to use a prepaid phone service without a contract, Tracfone might be a good option.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about what carriers are compatible with tracfone and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cell towers does Tracfone use?

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Tracfone is an American MVNO that uses networks from larger carriers, like AT&T and T-Mobile . In order to provide service to its customers, Tracfone partners with one of these big dogs to run the towers that provide service to your phone. The company uses a mix of towers provided by both AT&T and T-Mobile, with some regional variation. Tracfone is a prepaid cell phone service that uses coverage from the major US cellular networks, and Tracfone uses all 4 major US cellular networks, which are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The reason why Tracfone has such good coverage is because they use the networks owned by all four companies. They are able to use all of the networks because Tracfone phones have built in SIM cards that will work in any of the networks owned by the different companies.

How can I tell what Carrier my Tracfone is using?

So you’ve got a Tracfone and you want to know what towers are being used for your service? Tracfones are CDMA phones and thus will use one of two major networks: Verizon Wireless or AT&T Wireless. Knowing which network is being used by your Tracfone isn’t a necessary piece of information, but it can be helpful if you are having issues with your Tracfone. If your Tracfone is not connecting to the network, for example, then it would be helpful to know whether it is AT&T or Verizon’s network that you need to contact. Some cell phone carriers are better than others, but it can be hard to tell what carrier your phone is using if you’ve purchased a phone unlocked from a manufacturer like Apple or Google. Luckily, there are some very easy ways to tell what carrier your phone is registered with. (You can also check to see if you have any roaming charges, or if you’re on Wi-Fi.)

Does Tracfone use Verizon cell towers?

Thanks to a recent acquisition, there are now two major MVNO carriers in the Tracfone family, both of which use the nationwide Verizon cell phone network. The first is Straight Talk, which was launched in 2004, and the second is Tracfone’s Total Wireless service, which launched in 2015. Both use Verizon’s voice and data networks, but which is best? This is one of the most common questions people have when they are thinking about switching to Total Wireless, and it’s a great one to ask! The short answer is: yes. All Total Wireless customers get access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. But, there’s more to the story than that. Authentic Blog Posts – 10 points The following blog posts are real (but have been made up by me), and will each be worth ten points. However, I will not be accepting any posts that are plagiarized. These blogs are relatively new, and have only been active for a couple of months. As of this writing, each has three posts, and each post is about a different theme (technology, self-help, and

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