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Final Fantasy XI is Square Enix’s longest running MMORPG and has been around for over two decades.

Despite his age, Vana diel still bustles with the life of adventurers from old to new.

The game has significantly lowered its steep difficulty curve in recent years, making it much more accessible to players who want to take the plunge.

This list should help all potential adventurers, whether returning or just starting out.

10. Getting used to a change of job

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This work forms the basis of your stay at Vana Diel.

And they radically change your role in the fight.

Over the years, Vanadiel’s balance sheet has changed significantly and new jobs have been created. It’s unlikely you’ll keep the same job forever, as the game encourages players to multi-task.

So you’re sure to find something you like!

There are many openings – 22 to be exact – each with its own strengths, weaknesses and playing styles.

Most of these jobs have to be unlocked, and this can be done from level 30. So stop by and ask in advance about your options.

9. Sub-tasks are very important

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Another very important reason to list multiple jobs is that they can also serve as replacement jobs.

Subtasks are the second half of a player’s role in combat, with their level set at half the level of their main task.

Make sure you keep them up to date!

There are technically two ways to unlock a subtask in the game, but the player must be at least level 18 to unlock the entire system.

You can then talk to Isacio, (G-10) with Selbin or Vera with Maura, (G-10) and complete the quest. It is highly recommended that you finish the script of Van Diel Rhapsody first.

Read Van Diel Rhapsodies on this list for more information!

8. Discovering synergies for jobs

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Good groundwork and support can mean the difference between success and defeat in any given fight.

Specifically, if you do utility work, you gain skills, traits, or spells equal to their respective levels.

The following is a general list of all jobs and how they fit into the job category:

Loss Traders (DD) : Monk, Black Mage, Thief, Black Knight, Ranger, Samurai, Beastmaster, Healer, Dragoon, Ninja Healer: White MagTanks: Warrior, Paladin, Swordsman
Support: Bard, pirate, scholar, geomancer: Red Wizard, dancer, Blue Wizard, puppeteer.

Many tasks can take on different roles depending on the combat situation, play style, equipment or subtask.

So try different mixes and see what you like best.

7. Socialising and bonding

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It’s true that you don’t have to put in as much effort for battles or experience points, mostly thanks to the various quality of life improvements Square-Enix has added to FFXI over the years.

But at its core, it’s still a multiplayer experience. And he’s the one who knows the company best.

These can be friends you know or players who use Linkshells (the guild version of FFXI). Anyway, don’t be afraid to be sociable.

Finding a good social linkshell can make your experience more pleasant, and there are plenty of them among other players!

6. Minimize everything that works around.

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It is known that the journey to the world of FFXI was rough in the distant past.

It can take 20 real minutes to get through a zone! Fortunately, travel times have improved significantly and are now immediate.

One of the easiest ways to travel in the Vana-diel is to use crystals.

They’re hard to miss.

These are large blue jewels that spin around and make a distinctive sound. You can also easily locate them as icons if you have a map of the area.

Once you see a crystal, you must touch it to permanently unlock it and teleport to it at any time (for a small fee).

You may also be asked to use it as a starting point. Headpoints are destinations that players can return to when they die, so it’s worth setting one up in town.

A similar system exists in the form of the Survival Guide. They are easily recognized as crystals, but they take the form of mysterious floating books.

Like the crystals, you can unlock permanent teleportation to them by touching them the first time.

FFXI also has a mount system that allows players to saddle up on the field. Mounts are not unlocked until you have spoken to Brutus twice in Upper Juno (G-7) at level 20 or higher to complete the Chocobo Wounds quest.

Then you can talk to Mapitoto, who is also in Upper Junho (G-7), to complete the optional Full Speed Ahead quest.

5. Use of Quantity System Records

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The Record of Eminence (RoE) system is one of the best systems FFXI has to offer new players, but it also brings a lot of value.

In the beginning, they not only serve as a guide to the game, but also lead to other often repeated tasks. These other recurring quests allow you to kill a certain number of enemies multiple times or inflict more than 500 damage per attack to earn experience points (and other rewards).

And don’t worry, the requirements for the disposable goals are retroactive, meaning you can always come back and pick them up for immediate rewards. Handy for working on the ground floor!

Players can start this system by opening the Quest menu, choosing Eminence Records, Tutorial, and finally Fundamentals.

Choose y Enable first step forward.

Finally, talk to one of the NPCs on the ground floor:

Rolandian in South St. Louis D’oria, (G-10)
Isacot at Bastock Market, (E-11)
Fhelm Jobseat in Windurst Woods, (J-10)
Eternal Fire at West Adulin, (H-11)

4. Using Spark to generate cash

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Sparks of Eminence are awarded by completing RoE objectives and can be redeemed for gear from the NPCs above in the shop.

The total trade limit is 100,000 sparks in a week, so plan accordingly!

Below are some of the most effective devices you can buy:
Mars Hexagun (340 sparks), sold for 3 400 hl
Flame Sword (480 sparks), sold for 4 800 hl
Acheron Shield (2 755 sparks), sold for 26 500 hl

3. Follow the plot of Rhapsody of Vanail

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Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, often abbreviated to RoV, is essentially a storyline that ties all the other storylines in the game together into one overarching plot.

It guides you smoothly through all these steps and gives you clear goals to achieve as you progress from level 1 to level 99.

The quest begins as soon as you enter one of the three starting towns – San D’Oriya, Bastock or Windurst. So you don’t miss anything!

It is also highly recommended that you complete the missions in this story as you progress through the game.

It offers rewards with important key items that negate much of the tedium of the game. This way you will make much faster and smoother progress.

2. Curio Vendor Moogles use, kupo!

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These cute and ubiquitous Final Fantasy mascots can be seen in the main provinces and are often easy to miss, despite their great utility.

Depending on how many of these valuable Rhapsody masterpieces you own, their products increase, so you should come back to them often!

Muggle vendors in Curio sell a wide variety of items much cheaper than in shops, from NPCs or in the Auction House.

In addition, these moogles also sell instant warp and instant return scrolls, which will be your best friends.

Instant warp lets you return to your starting point, and instant recovery lets you instantly revive when you die.

Curio Vendor Moogles can be found at :

Port of St John’s D’oria, (J-9)
Bastock Harbour, (K-13)
Windurst Harbour, (M-4)

1. Use Trust Magic

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The trust system (aka Alter Ego) allows you to fight alongside AI-controlled NPCs by calling them into battle.

In the early days of FFXI, you regularly had to team up with other players to fight difficult enemies. It often took a long time to get a batch, and even then there was no guarantee of success.

And this time, thanks to the trust system, the devourer was eliminated.

A single player can assemble an army of their favorite NPCs from all over Van Diel – even from the story, with their own quests, abilities, and quotes!

To start the trust system, you must first reach level 5 and complete the quest by talking to one of the three NPCs.

Depending on the starting point, they are easier to reach:

Gondebo in South San D’oria, (L-6)
Clarion Star in Port Boston, (K-7)
Wetata in Windurst Woods, (G-10)

Initially, you can only summon a limited number of confidants to the battlefield at a time. However, by reaching certain points in the Van Diel Rhapsody scenario, up to 5 players can form a complete group.

Don’t miss it!

For many fans, Final Fantasy XI is a game close to their hearts. It is an exciting hobby that is also appreciated by the game developers who provide regular support and monthly updates.

And there’s always something to do in Vana Diel for adventurers of all kinds.

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