The 6 best motherboard information software to use

ASTRA32 is a portable, platform-independent utility for Windows that provides detailed information about your computer’s hardware. It analyzes various components to give you detailed information about your system specifications. ASTRA32 consists of 9 sections that provide a detailed report on computer motherboards, operating systems, networks, video cards and monitors, storage devices, memory and ports.

ASTRA 32 provides very detailed information about the motherboard and processor. The detected motherboard details include model number, manufacturer, chipset, BIOS date and BIOS support features such as ACPI, PnP and some boot options. Information displayed on the processor includes brand ID, clock frequency, voltage, current speed, temperature, cache information, media, etc. ASTRA32 also displays a detailed list of all applications installed on your computer. The program is available as freeware and is compatible with all versions of Windows.


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Belarc Advisor is another free utility that gives you all the information you need about your operating system and hardware specifications by performing a complete system scan. Although it is not as detailed as the other utilities listed above, it shows basic information about the motherboard, operating system, memory, processor, display, and bus adapters.

In addition to the hardware information, Belc Advisor shows a complete list of all USB drives that have been connected to your computer in the last 30 days. It even lists all the security updates that Windows is missing.

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CPU-Z is a very popular program for checking all information about your hardware resources, and can also be used to check important information about your motherboard. After installation, go to the motherboard tab and CPU-Z will give you all the information about the motherboard regarding manufacturer, model, version, chipset, BIOS, etc. If you want to know more about your processor, it will show you the name, core, clock speed, voltage, cache information, etc. You will also find information about memory and graphics.

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HWiNFO is an excellent system utility that provides a detailed overview of your computer’s hardware resources. While other tools also display software specifications, HWiNFO focuses exclusively on hardware information. The information collected is divided into 10 sections: Motherboard, processor, network, audio, driver, display, connectors, bus, memory and graphics card.

Information collected about the motherboard includes the manufacturer’s name, model number, number of slots open and used, chipset, supported USB versions, and a list of ACPI devices. It also shows BIOS information and processor details. HWiNFO is available as freeware and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

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If you don’t like third-party applications, you can also use the System Information utility to check your computer’s hardware information, including information about your motherboard. Just type System Information in the Windows Start menu and click on the System Information icon that appears on the screen.

The screen displays all your hardware information, including the model number of your motherboard. However, if you need detailed information about your motherboard, the above motherboard information software will display it fully.

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How can I find out the software on my motherboard?

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How do I know what software my computer is using?


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