Python vs Java vs C/C++: Key differences and Pros-Cons

As a programmer, you may have invested your time into learning one language, but if you’re interested in learning a new language, there are a few things that you should know about the differences between each one. Python, Java, and C++ are three of the most important and popular programming languages. While all three were designed to make programming easier, they each have a different set of factors that make them more suitable for different projects. For example, Python is a great choice for beginners and small projects. C++, on the other hand, is a low-level language designed to work with hardware, and Java has a reputation for being fast and secure. C++ is also the only language of the three that is compiled, which means

Python is a high level programming language (high level programming language) that has evolved since its creation in 1989. It is a popular tool for writing scripts, web applications, games, and desktop applications. Python has a relatively clear syntax, which would make it easy to learn and use. Java is a general-purpose programming language developed by Sun Microsystems (Sun Microsystems, Inc.) and released in 1995. Java is widely used to develop applications for web browsers, mobile phones and business applications. C and C++ are high-level programming languages, particularly suited to numeric computation and system software. C is often used as a systems programming language and in embedded systems.

A programming language is the link between computers and people. It is a set of instructions given to achieve a specific result. Python, Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript and many others are different programming languages used to develop websites, mobile and desktop applications including games.

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There are three types of programming languages: Low, high and intermediate level programming languages. Ideally, when processing code, they distinguish between compilers, which convert the code into machine language, and interpreters, which process the code into written language.

  • The low-level language is a machine-dependent language and works with 0 and 1. It requires no compiler or interpreter and is very fast. It is divided into two parts: the machine language and the assembly language.
  • High level language is user friendly, easy to read, write and understand. A compiler or interpreter is needed to execute the code. It is divided into three areas: procedure-oriented programming (e.g. C, FORTRAN, Basic), object-oriented programming (e.g. Java, Python) and natural language.
  • An intermediate level language is somewhere between a low level language and a high level language. It supports all the features of a high-level language while being closely integrated with a low-level language. The examples are C and C++.

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Python is a practical programming language developed in 1991. It is an open source software that has many applications in the field of artificial intelligence, ML, Big Data, robotics and desktop graphics applications.

Python is a versatile programming language for beginners. It is easy to read and is a high level, interpreted and interactive object-oriented language. It can be used for backend development, software development, system scripting and data mining.

You can download Python for your operating system here.


Benefits of Python Python’s shortcomings
Easy to read, write and understand. Not ideal for games and application development.
Going through the code line by line makes debugging easier. A bit slow because it uses an interpreter.
It has an extensive built-in standard library.
Can be integrated with other programming languages such as Java and C/C++.
Platform independent; once the code is ready, it can run on any platform.
Provides good interoperability with most databases.

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Java was developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystem and is now owned by Oracle. It is a robust, high-level platform-independent programming language used for back-end and Android development, as well as desktop, gaming, mobile and digital.

Java is a server-side programming language that can be used to create four types of Java applications: Standalone, Web, Enterprise and Mobile.

Java for your operating system can be downloaded here.

Benefits of Java Disadvantages of Java
Easy to learn, write, compile and debug. It consumes an excessive amount of memory.
It can perform several tasks at once, i.e. multithreading. Slower than many other languages.
It is platform independent, so the same program can run on any platform. Has no backup function.
It is a safe programming language because it does not use explicit pointers (pointers that are manipulated by the user).

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The simple, flexible and versatile computer language C was developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. It is an intermediate level programming language mainly used to develop applications such as text editors, network appliances, compilers and some others.

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The C language was invented especially for UNIX. Examples of the use of the C language are operating systems, language compilers and assemblers, language interpreters, databases and modern programs. C cannot be used for web development because it does not support object-oriented programming.


Benefits C Deficits C
Extremely easy to learn. It’s hard to find and fix bugs.
Efficient and fast, yet flexible, portable and powerful. Does not support concepts such as encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction and many others that are supported by object-oriented programming (OOP) languages.
It allocates memory at runtime (dynamic memory allocation).
Structured language.
Can be used for complex operations.
The basis of many other languages.

C++ on C

The C++ language was developed in 1980 by Bjarn Strustrup. It uses almost the same syntax and rules as C, but includes OOP, type checking, exception handling, etc. It is also more compatible than C.

Unlike C, C++ can be used to develop operating systems, browsers and games. Unfortunately, it has its own security flaws compared to languages like Java and Python. Just like in C, debugging in C++ is difficult.

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Python, Java and C/C++ have their advantages and disadvantages and are widely used in various applications. However, they also have their differences.

Parameter Python Java C/C++
Language level Top Top Medium
Language type Structured and object-oriented language. Versatile object-oriented, structural and procedural language. Procedural and structural language. C++ is an object-oriented language.
Interpreter or compiler Interpreter Compiler and interpreter Compiler
Speed of execution Slow execution due to the use of an interpreter. Works slower than C/C++, but faster than Python. Fast execution because a compiler is used.
Legacy Provides a unique and multiple heritage. Provides only partial multiple inheritance. Provides a unique and multiple heritage.
Platform dependency Independence of the platform. Independence of the platform. Depending on the platform.
Using classes when coding Variables and functions are used and can be declared outside the class. All the code is in the class. Variables and functions are used outside the classroom.
Ideal code length to achieve the same result Very small codes – about four times smaller than Java. Extremely long codes. Smaller code – about 2 times smaller than Java.
Syntax rules The use of a semicolon (;) is not mandatory. Be very careful when using the semicolon (;), the comma (,) and the period (.). Correct use of semicolons (;) is required.
Thread Supports multithreading. Built-in multithreading support. Does not support threading.
Support for libraries Has an extensive built-in bookcase. The library supports most user interfaces. Library support is quite limited.
Operator overload It takes care of the overload of the operators. It does not support the overloading of operators. It takes care of the overload of the operators.
Accessing the memory Does not use pointers or interfaces, but blocks and objects. Does not support the use of pointers. It uses interfaces, links and threads. Uses pointers, structures, and conjunctions. Also uses references in the case of C++.
the use of AI, ML, Big Data, robotics and GUI-based desktop applications. Application development for banking, retail, IT, Android, Big Data, search community, web and desktop applications. Text editors, compilers, networking equipment and C++ can also be used for software development.

Python vs. Java vs. C/C++

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better C# or Python?

The question of which programming language is better is a frequent one, and the answer is not always clear. Each language has different strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to the programmer to decide whether one set of strengths matters more than another set. C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft for its .NET framework. It is a general purpose language like Java and Python. It was developed to provide a more powerful object oriented language for Microsoft Windows applications. Although C# is a Microsoft product, it is a cross-platform language and can be used on a number of non-Microsoft platforms, including Android and iOS. Unfortunately, it is not a free programming language, and you will have to purchase a Microsoft Visual Studio license if you want to use it. Python is a free and open source programming language that is used by many of the most popular websites in the world, including YouTube, Dropbox and Reddit. It is a general purpose programming language that can be used for a variety of

How Python is different from C and Java?

Python is a powerful server side scripting language. It is a very high level language. As a result, it is easy to code and read. It is also a good language to learn, as it has a simple syntax and is easy to understand. However, it is not the fastest language, unlike C and Java. It also has a large standard library. Python, Java, and C++ are all widely used programming languages. They each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we’ll look at five ways that these languages differ from each other, and the kinds of applications each language is best suited for.

Is Python better than Java?

Java is a language used to make applications that can be run by multiple platforms. It is a programming language that is used to create applications that are smaller in size as compared to applications made in C++. The java language syntax is very similar to the C++ language syntax, although it is not the same. The java language is one of the most popular programming languages used to make applications for different computing platforms. Blog Start: The programming world is divided into two main groups: The ones who love programming in C++ And the ones who love programming in Java Both the languages are equally good in their own ways. The ideal language depends on the project you are working on. Blog End As an experiment, I attempted to The age old battle between python vs java vs c++ is still going strong. As a developer it is important to know as much about these programming languages as possible, and it is equally important to know which one to use for which job.

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