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Growing up, my mother’s closet was like my own Narnia.

I immediately fell for the large bundles of printed shirts, soft cardigans and flirty maxi dresses and tried them on one by one like it was fashion week.

It’s going to end with a good beating. But even after that, I found my mother’s fashion choices more exciting than any Barbie doll.

Today, my mothers still dress me for a normal day. And sometimes I still let my mother dress me.

If that doesn’t prove that mothers know better, I don’t know what does!

So make your sims moms trendsetters with the hippest CCs here!

15. Darcy Earrings

Look at this CC

If you have children who eat sooner than they think, earrings are a choking hazard.

Even if you love your beaded jewelry, a baby choking on your watch is not the best way to start motherhood.

But once you’re free from your baby duties, these Darcy earrings will help give your sleepy face a casual look.

Put on these earrings from SLYD, in black and white!

14. Albion Totalizer

Look at this CC

Rule number one when buying a bag for moms: It should have everything but the kitchen sink.

From band-aids to wipes to gum, moms seem to have everything in a bottomless pocket.

Whatever you need, she’s got it. But Mom is as strong as her branded bag.

Take a look at this Albion CC tote bag from SLYD. This could be the last magical item in your Sim’s arsenal to overcome motherhood.

13. Jill Hair

Look at this CC

Killing zombies and defeating Nemesis are just a few of the feats that have made Jill Valentine one of the coolest heroines in video game history.

And while surviving the zombie apocalypse is not part of Mom’s routine, no one in their right mind would want to label her as her own badass.

Make your Sims look as fierce as Jill Valentine with this classic Simlive hairstyle!

12. Maggie’s haircut

Look at this CC

There’s no shame in wearing your mom’s bun.

But there are ways to improve it!

This hairstyle by Maggie d’Anto is a great casual look that mom can wear 7 days a week.

It’s loose and tied up high so it doesn’t gnaw up your hair. But most importantly, he has that energy that makes everyone think Mom has enough time to do her hair.

With over 15 styles to choose from, your Sims can change their hair color as often as they change their baby’s diapers.

11. Classic slippers

Look at this CC

High heels are already a burden for single women – imagine having to wear them while exercising motherhood!

But even with the enormous responsibility of raising a child to adulthood, it doesn’t mean mothers have to sacrifice their sense of style.

For a fashionable compromise, look no further than these classic mules from SLYD. Available in 6 styles, they offer stylish comfort that no other stiletto can match.

10. stilettos

Look at this CC

Some moms just don’t have the staying power of Beyoncé to wear pumps during pregnancy.

But Mama Sims?

You can survive a house fire without blinking.

And thanks to this elasticity, wearing these stilettos will be the least of your worries.

Put on your ballerinas and shop without paying with this CC from Citrontart.

9. Top port

Look at this CC

Mothers have so many responsibilities, and staying stylish and elegant can be a challenge.

This iris top is an effortless way to achieve this.

Using the proven tee-ring formula, this top gives moms a simple yet sophisticated look.

Dress your sim mom so she looks fresh and casual at the next wine party with all the moms in the neighborhood.

8. Mama Jeans Belt

Look at this CC

There’s nothing like a classic pair of jeans to spend the day with your family.

Pair it with a chic belt and you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

A good example: these Darte 77 mom jeans with belt.

With a relaxed fit and cuffs to accentuate her kicks, your Sim can wear even the most casual top and still look great.

Add these custom jeans for moms who are always on the go!

7. Yestodean silk shirt

Look at this CC

Let’s go back to the basics of fashion. Because moms want everything to be easy, especially when it comes to comfort.

But instead of being limited by the idea of collecting a dozen different sweaters and slouchy jeans, you can unleash amazing mom energy with the right clothes.

Dress your Sims in this silk shirt from Yestoday and look like a boss, even while shopping at the supermarket!

With 18 models available, your Sim will have no trouble changing between diaper changes and meal preparation.

6. Penny Jeans Color

Look at this CC

Flair trousers come and go over the years.

But if there’s one person who can handle this from generation to generation, it’s mom.

Whether it’s a concert or a parents’ evening, these jeans are suitable for any occasion to which she is invited.

Plus, it’s scary enough to scare off bullies and mean teachers.

5. Flora Slot

Look at this CC

Floral skirts can resemble a style your grandmother would have worn when she was younger. This is not to say that things are bad today.

Take for example this Flora Final CC.

Paired with a crop top, belt and sandals, this outfit is the ultimate summer or spring collection.

You may not like it, but trust me, anything that doesn’t involve pressing into skinny jeans deserves the top spot on this list.

4. Savvy x Grim Corduroy Pak

Look at this CC

Contrary to popular belief, there are indeed ways to prefer style and comfort over one or the other.

Mothers who struggle with finding a work-life balance will find it hard to believe….. But one look at the Savvy x Grim Corduroy Suit is enough to change your mind.

With a patterned top under the rib knit, this is the Sims’ new office outfit.

3. Minikit #1

Look at this CC

In winter, don’t settle for thick sweaters, scarves or simple black leggings.

Dress your sims moms in a fun outfit, even in freezing temperatures, with this mini CC kit. The ensemble consists of a cropped jacket, a cropped long sleeve sweater and ripped jeans.

The latter may not be the smartest way to prevent hypothermia, but I doubt mothers put their belts on in cold weather.

Not to mention, we have many more girls jeans for your mom to try on.

2. Long dressIndigo

Look at this CC

When you’re already feeding and dressing the baby, the last thing you want to think about is looking good for someone else.

Dressing like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian is too much work when the baby is crying in the next room.

Choosing pants and a shirt in an ensemble or layered look takes too much brainpower….. but dresses?

You can just slip into it, whatever shoes you want to wear, and it still looks good.

So if your mom needs a simple dress, look no further than this CC on faded feathers!

1. September Set CC

Look at this CC

Do you have any activities for the kids at school?

Do you have appointments at your local mothers’ club?

Should you fill the shelves with more wine?

You want to dress up for no reason?

Worry no more – this September CC set is the only set you need to survive motherhood in style!

With a halter top with buttons, flare jeans and pearl jewelry, this CC set is perfect for a chic mom look.

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