King Piece (Roblox) – Best Devil Fruits Tier List (March 2021)

King Piece is a Roblox game where you fight enemies, upgrade your character and, most importantly, find and use devil fruit.

The demonic fruit your character uses determines what skills you can use, which is a major factor in your power.

Therefore, it is important that you find and use one of the best devils in the game if you want to stand a chance against the best players and strongest opponents.

However, there are many devil’s advocates in the game, so it can be difficult to know which ones work best.

That’s why we’ve created this list that ranks all the devil fruits in King Piece according to their power.

If you use all active codes in King Piece, you’ll progress faster and be able to get your hands on the demon fruit.

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Best Devils List Level

In King Piece, you’ll have access to a number of new and powerful abilities when you find and use the demonic fruit.

Each of the abilities granted by the demonic fruit is unlocked at specific levels.

Since one of the most important factors is your character’s strength in the game, owning one of the best devil fruits should be a priority for you.

Without one of the best devil’s teeth in King Piece, it’s hard to compete with the best players and fight against powerful opponents later in the game.

All of the devil fruit in King Piece is of three different varieties:

The type of demonic fruit determines its properties, as well as the general tree your character gains when using the fruit.

In summary, Paramecia fruits are generic fruits that can grant any skill and bonus, Logia fruits turn your character into an element and make him immune to normal attacks that are not enhanced by Haki, and Zoan fruits are associated with an animal or creature that your character can change into.

Apart from the sight of the demon fruit, each of them is also one of the four rarities:

  • Common room
  • Unusual
  • Rare location
  • Fabulous

As a general rule : The rarer the devil, the better it is and the harder it is to get.

If you use the demon fruit, you can no longer swim and must use a boat or plane to get around.

There are several ways to get devil fruit in King Piece: you can buy them on the black market through the Gacha system or find them in a random world.

Not all fruit is always for sale on the black market – it has a chance of being sold, just as it has a chance of appearing in the world or being rolled into the Gacha.

Here is the chance of getting various oddities of fruits in the gacha:

  • Total = 50% (7 different devils fruits)
  • Unusual = 35% (6 different devils)
  • Rare = 14% (13 different devils)
  • Legendary = 0.5% (3 different devils fruits)

Here is the probability of various fruit rarities appearing on the black market (rough estimate):

  • Total = 33,8% (7 different devils)
  • Unusual = 31.7% (6 different devils)
  • Rare = 34.3% (13 different devils)
  • Legendary = 0.2% (3 different devils fruits)

The following list ranks all of the devil fruits in King Piece according to their strength in the game.

All devil’s fruit are classified from S to F, with S being the highest and F being the lowest.

In the list of animals you can also see the species, symbol, rarity and price if they are in stock.

This list will be updated as new devil fruit is released or changes are made to the game.


Symbol Devil’s fruit Rating Type Rarity Black market price
Dragon S Zoan Fabulous 7,500,000 Beli + 10 Jewels or 5,000 Robux
Spino S Zoan Fabulous 4,000,000 Beli + 10 gems or 2,500 Robux
Modelling clay S Paramecia Fabulous 5 000 000 + 10 jewels or 2 850 roubles
At S Paramecia Rare location 5 000 000 beli + 5 jewels or 1 750 roubles.
Rumble S Logic Rare location 1,800,000 Beli + 3 Jewels or 1,125 Robux
Gravity A Paramecia Rare location 750,000 beli + 3 jewels or 1,400 rubles
Trembling A Paramecia Rare location 5,000,000 Beli + 3 Jewels or 1,800 Roubles
Darkness A Logic Rare location 1,100,000 Beli + 3 gems or 975 Robux
Snow A Logic Rare location 1 500 000 beli + 5 jewels or 1 350 roubles
Hello B Zoan Rare location 1,600,000 beli + 3 jewels or 1,400 roubles
Phoenix B Zoan Rare location 600,000 Beli + 1 Jewel or 1,125 Robux
The line is B Paramecia Rare location 1,300,000 beli + 3 jewels or 1,200 roubles
Dear B Paramecia Unusual 1,000,000 Beli or 825 Robux
Chewing Gum B Paramecia Common room 250,000 Beli or 725 Robux
Magma B Logic Rare location 1,250,000 Beli + 2 gems or 975 Robux
The Shadow C Paramecia Unusual 950,000 Beli + 3 gems or 1,000 Robux
Flame C Logic Rare location 350,000 beli + 3 jewels or 1,150 rubles.
Light C Logic Rare location 1,300,000 beli + 3 jewels or 1,200 roubles
Ice cream C Logic Unusual 550,000 Beli or 600 Robux
Sand C Logic Unusual 475,000 Beli or 750 Robux
Man D Zoan Common room 650,000 Beli or 425 Robux
Gif D Paramecia Rare location 1,500,000 Beli + 2 gems or 975 Robux
Barrier D Paramecia Unusual 750,000 Beli or 675 Robux
Paw D Paramecia Common room 350,000 Beli or 300 Robux
Buddha F Zoan Unusual 750,000 Beli + 1 Jewel or 975 Roubles
Giraffe F Zoan Common room 250,000 Beli or 350 Robux
Leopard F Zoan Common room 300,000 Beli or 350 Robux
Wolf F Zoan Common room 200,000 Beli or 350 Robux
The bomb F Paramecia Common room 50,000 Beli or 125 Robux

The current list is based on lists compiled by King Piece YouTubers ShanksPlays and hellomyfrienge, as well as contributions from the King Piece community.

Here’s a list of the best devil fruit in King Piece!

If you would like to help us improve this level list, please leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

frequently asked questions

What is the best fruit to grind in King’s Piece?

The phoenix fruit, the flame fruit, the dark fruit, the human fruit, the ice fruit or the gravity magma fruit are recommended for beginners. All of these fruits are among the best to start with, although for pvp the love fruit is cheap because the love fruit has good stuns and turns your enemy to stone.

Where is the devil fruit in the centerpiece?

The devil’s fruit appears under this cactus on Sand Island. On the right side of the island, next to the candle man, are these two cacti. The orange circle under the cactus is where the demon fruit can appear.

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