I got to 100 Score and now I am free!

I know I’m late, but I’m finally done running.
And I’m so happy.

So far I’ve loved Seasons, I’ve done 1 and 3 (this one).
Overall, Seasons has radically changed the way I look at gaming.


For season 1, I played from the beta and reached level 126 as a sniper with all the potential of a sniper, which I avoided in western tech because I was killed by the mafia when I joined earlier.
I struggled to gain weight on a daily basis, so I began to modify my physique and became a bloodthirsty gunner/commander, and West Tech suddenly became a second home. I finished the race at about 220 evel.

Season 2 Episode

I unfortunately burned out of 2, combined with Cyberpunk2077, WatchDogs and the release of Valhalla right before release, I didn’t feel like playing during that time. I’ve learned that I really need a break in this game, even if I proselytize in the greenhouse.

Season 3 Episode

The third season was another big adjustment for me. I started on St. Patrick’s Day (37 days ago), so way behind schedule (besides, the season would be over by then). I was also lvl 246 in the beginning.
If I only do the daily and weekly challenges, I only get to ~77, which wouldn’t be enough for me. Fortunately, there is a recurring weekly challenge where you get 100 xp of score for 10,000 xp.
So I scored two goals this season:

  • to catch up with XP farming like crazy.
  • To create a better detection tool suitable for my own use.

makes up for lost time by collecting XP like crazy.

xp raise was a great learning experience for me, I learned the joys of herbivore + brain soup + cranberry relish.
I opened lunches at SBQ and Earl and hoped others would do the same.
I occasionally have a forearm machine for a bit of intensification.
I killed a bunch of super mutants.
I learned the joys of radiation rumble (danm this event is overloaded and the reward is not doing the event right, but blowing it up)
I got a lot better at dops where I accidentally duoed it when I had a lukewarm body anoter on eh beacons.
I made some very good friends during the Aftermath speech.

And the xp gains were insane, I got ~100 levels in two weeks.
The result of 1-246 is 4,831,400xp.
100 steps from 246 to 346 is 4,771,240xp.
In those two weeks, I made more than a literal amount.
I finished with 398, a total of 7,824,960xp on 246, almost double.
In the end it was the last 25 points I needed to finish the season.

Making friends is very important to me right now, talking to these people has helped me get out of my xp farming routine, which has helped me avoid burnout.
One of them showed me the Civil War Enactors / Plans spawning spot, I think I have all 7 of them now).
Another hunted a long-haired hunter and showed me some of the bot vendor’s spawn locations, at that point the bot hadn’t spawned for her in 3 weeks, but after that when I kept searching for the bot (sometimes 5+ times a day) I enjoyed her craving in a daze.
These two hunters were great for me because I got to see a lot of random encounters for the first time, and as a beta player who thought I’d seen everything already, that was exciting.

Create a better tracking tool that is tailored to my own use.

The ultimate goal I set for myself was to be a learner: to create a better detection tool than the spreadsheets that were being created.
I did:

I got a lot of feedback in the first round (I love feedback), which I was able to mix well.
I got more feedback from Dissord, for example that it was too complicated, so I added the Idiot Savant mode.
I kept adding tools that met my needs, for example. B. If you know what level you started at and what level you finished at, you can determine how many xp you earned and how many xp points that gave you.
All in all, it was fun to put together, and I’ll probably keep it for a while.

Season 4 Episode

Next season for me will probably be a season of camp building, with only the occasional day/weekend away to meet my new friends.
I can rest and relax, improve my camp and shelters, and generally enjoy and appreciate the game.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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