How To Share A Pinterest Board In 2023 – Guide

One of the most intuitive and easy-to-use social networks is Pinterest, and it is the most beautiful one on the market. This article will tell you How To Share A Pinterest Board. More than 2 billion people use Pinterest every month to create and share beautiful pictures and Infographics.

Thanks to a simple and user-friendly app, you can save images from the web and organize them in virtual folders on any device, including the phone and tablets. It’s based on visual content, unlike other social networking sites. It is not necessary for you to know many languages to be followed by others.

If you share your board for collaboration with another Pinterest user, they can get access to the board and they can publish pins on that board. If you want to share your board on your social media platform with another person, you can do that by searching the email address in the search bar. 

If you have an email list and you want to send traffic from social media platforms, you can use an email address. Below is a quick guide that will show you how to easily share your board with anyone within a few minutes.

Why Use Pinterest?

If you are planning a wedding, I guess you already know how much Pinterest can be powerful to gather the best ideas for inspiration! For example, you can see above my profile as a wedding photographer in Tuscany, where I save the images that inspire me almost every day. Some of them are taken from my website and others are just some of the best ideas I came across on the internet.

Save the best photos you find on the internet; organize them by topic in virtual folders, called Boards; search for visual content based on topics such as marriage, recipes, etc; and follow other people you might find interesting. Photos can be uploaded to other social networks.

Choose Aboard

Clicking on the saved option from your dashboard will allow you to choose which board to share with.

Click On The Three-dot Option

You can see a three-dot icon above the board name if you click the three-dot option after choosing aboard.

Go To The Share Option

Clicking on the three-dot icon will give you some options to choose from and give you the ability to share a particular item. You can do this by clicking the share option in the three-dot menu.

Finally, Share Your Board With Anyone You Want

The final step is when you go to the share option, you can see social media icons and email address options below, you can also copy the sharing link, and you can use any social media platform.

How To Share Pinterest Board With A Friend

It is possible that you will need to share your favorite flowers with the wedding planner. If you want to make the photographer understand your expectations about wedding photography, you may want to send him the photos that have impressed you the most.

Once logged in, you’ll find yourself on the feed, with many beautiful pictures of the people you’re following and the ones Pinterest considers most interesting for you.

Click the “More” tab on the top right to get to the Saved board. On the left side, find the board that you want to share and click on it. Then click on the board name. Find the board icon at the top right and select it.

There is a way to share one board at a time. If you click on the three dots on the right of the board’s name, you will be taken to the Share section, where you can share the board. You can share the board as a private message if you are certain that your friend is on the board.

What Is A Pinterest Board?

Your pins are organized on boards, unlike standard pictures posted on social networking sites. A pins board is a collection where users save their pins. Each board has its own purpose and independent theme. You might have a social media marketing board or a graphic design board.

Each of your interests is covered by one of the multiple boards that make up your Pinterest profile. Users can either add extra content to their boards or create new ones as time goes on.

How To Create A Pinterest Board

Click on the Add+ button in the top right of the page when you sign in to your account to make it aboard. Clicking on the pop-up box will allow you to choose between adding a pin, uploading content, or creating aboard.

If you choose to create a board, the platform will ask you to provide information about the content you are going to collect. If you want your friends or contributors to add material as well, there is an option for you to pin.

Simple and clear names are the ones that capture the most attention. Where necessary, it may be worth using basic principles and keywords.

Downloading Pinterest videos is quite an easy task if you want to download the videos, click here to visit the site.


Sharing a board with another user is very easy, you can either copy the link and share them anywhere you want, or you can put the user’s name or email address on the board. 

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