Ways To Learn How To Destroy A Discord Server Effectively – 2023

How To Destroy A Discord Server

It means when How to destroy a discord server everything in a server, all the admins and owners hard work.

When you join a Discord server, you may think that it’s just a bunch of random people hanging out and chatting. But, it’s actually a community where a lot of people come together to play video games, share stories, and talk about a variety of other topics. These communities can be a lot of fun, but they also can be a lot of work.

In this article, we’ll show you how to destroy a Discord server and everything inside of it.

What Is A Discord Server?

Discord is an online chat service that was designed to replace the need for IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It has become one of the most popular services on the internet today because it is easy to use, has a lot of features, and is free to use. It works by connecting users directly through a web browser or mobile app.

This means that you don’t have to download any software to use Discord. Discord servers are a part of the Discord platform. They are also called “channels”. These channels can be anything from a single person chatting with other people in a private room, to a public channel where hundreds of people can talk at once.

You can join these channels for free. But, if you want to keep your messages private, you will need to pay for a premium subscription. Once you join a server, you will see that there are usually two different types of rooms: public and private.

How To Destroy A Discord Server (using a bot)

Destroying a Discord server is also known as “nuking” the Discord server. When you are nuking a server, it means the admin has given you the right to block all the members and delete channels available on that server.

When you are not an admin of the server, you will need to log in as a user who doesn’t have administrative rights. This job is done with the help of a bot. You can use a bot to take control of a server to which you don’t have administrative rights.

Using Xenon Bot, you can nuke a discord server on your own server. Nukebot is a free discord bot that can be used to nuke or destroy a discord server.

Using an advanced Discord bot called Xenon bot, we’ll be destroying a server on Discord without any admin permissions.

The main purpose of the Xenon bot is to backup your server so that it doesn’t crash if something bad happens. Nuking servers without the admins’ permission is not a legitimate way nor does it harm anything.

  • The first step is to invite the Xenon bot to your Discord Server.
  • You can do so by simply going to the official site of Xenon Bot.
  • Create a new channel with no data.
  • After that, back up all the data of that server using the command /backupcreate.
  • This creates a backup id for the server that you’ve just created.
  • The backup is created and you can load it on the nuke.
  • The next command is /backup-id (backup-id of the server), which will load the backup of the server you have given a backup id of.
  • At the bottom of the menu you’ll find two options.
  • One is Confirm and the other one is Cancel.
  • Tap on Confirm.

This command will replace all your existing channels with a backup copy and hence, destroy the data present in them. The server will be nuked as a result.

I have another simple hack to destroy channels on Amazon. I ask the admin of the channel to do it. You can offer a deal to the admin of the channel to take down its server.

FAQ’s – How To Destroy A Discord Server

Q1: What is the difference between nuking and deleting?

A1. Nuking is the process of deleting a channel while deleting is the process of deleting the entire server. If you are a moderator, you will be able to delete a channel by going to the admin panel and clicking on Delete channel.

But, if you are not an admin, you will have to use a bot to do this. If you are a moderator of a server, you can go to the admin panel and click on Delete server. But, if you are not an admin, you can use a bot to do this.

Q2: What is a Discord bot?

A2: A Discord bot is a program that is used to automate tasks on your server. This bot is completely free of cost. It has been designed to help you save time and energy. It will automatically backup your server and restore it if it crashes. It will also delete old servers if you’re no longer using them.

Q3: How do I get the Discord Bot on my server?

A3: The first step is to invite the bot to your Discord server. You can do so by simply going on the official website of the bot and creating a new channel.


You can destroy a Discord server in three legit ways. You can delete it yourself, as an admin. Or you can send someone else to do it for you, and then you can do anything you want. The admin must delete the server and make a trade with him.

If the admin doesn’t take the deal, the admin should nuke the server. You can use bots. One of the easiest methods is to use bots. One final method is by hacking into the server to gain the admin’s right to destroy the server.

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