How To Block Someone On Discord

Being online is like being on a busy street. Your presence is still there, but the only difference is that you are not physically present. Virtual presence is becoming more and more real. Whether you spend your time on social media, messaging apps, dating apps or games, the people around you are as real as it gets.

In doing so, it is very easy to be on the other side of a hateful comment or an aggressive or insulting message, whether it comes from a bully or an internet troll. Applications like Discord allow you to connect with billions of people. However, more people also means more abuse, toxicity and other nastiness in general. Fortunately, it is now possible to block someone on Discord!

There are three different ways to block someone on Discord. You can block, mute or disable, kick or eventually ban toxic people. While all three methods are very useful for dealing with toxic people and internet trolls, each has minor differences for specific purposes.

This article will show you how to use these different methods to filter out people you don’t want to communicate with on Discord, and give you the best examples of how to choose one or all of these blocking methods. You’ll learn when to ban, kick, mute, stun and block to ensure you get the best non-toxic experience on Discord.

Why block someone on Discord

One of the most common reasons for blocking someone on Discord is to stop receiving messages, friend requests and invitations from toxic people. A large number of users can get on your nerves, especially if you are part of a DM list or a large Disord server with many people. Whether you use the Discord app or a desktop app, getting too many notifications and spam is very annoying, which is why it’s good to protect yourself on Discord and keep your peace and privacy.

Making friends on Discord is great, and joining communities with similar tastes and hobbies is fun. However, since there are literally millions of people on Discord, blocking them and adjusting their privacy settings is a great way to have the most peaceful and non-toxic Discord experience possible. In large communities, there will probably be people you don’t communicate with, and that’s okay because you can permanently block them with one of Discord’s privacy settings and blocking methods.

Different methods to block someone on Discord

Blocking is used to prevent chats and private messages. When you block a user, they can no longer communicate with you via direct message or SMS. However, you can still view your messages on the servers and check your status online or offline.

Muting prevents you from hearing what the user is saying on the voice channel or in channel conferences. This is similar to blocking, but instead of blocking their text messages, you silence their voice on the Discord server. However, you can still see their messages in the chat.

Paralysis prevents a particular user from hearing what you and other Discord server users are saying.  It literally numbs the user in the channel.

A kick means that someone is removed from the Discord server, but he can still join if he is invited back.

Finally, banishment is the ultimate and highest level of punishment for disruptive Discord users. This will keep them off your server completely and give them no chance to return. In addition, the administrator can delete all messages to erase all traces of banned users.

Now that you have a better idea of how these blocking tools work, we will learn how and when to use each filtering technique when you want to prevent someone from accessing and connecting to the disk server.

Discord Privacy Settings

In addition to configuring notifications and server settings in the Discord app for mobile or desktop, you can also block direct messages, user requests, and friend requests in Discord’s privacy settings. These configurations are best used when you want to define individual configurations for each server you are on.

Blocking DM for other server members

One of the reasons people find you on Discord is because you are on the same server as that person. If you allow direct messages from people on the same server, anyone on that Discord server can send you a message. If you don’t mind talking to lots of people via direct messaging, that’s great. However, if you do not want random server users to communicate with you, you can always go to the privacy settings and enable or disable the Allow direct messages from server users tab.

Blocking certain users on the Discord server (Discord desktop application)

Discord is usually the place to meet new people and make friends. You don’t want to ban everyone from sending you direct messages except a few annoying users. If so, you can open a specific user’s profile from the DM list and context menu and lock them individually from there, and here’s how:

Step one: Log in to your DM list and find the name of the user you want to block.

Step two: Click on the name of the user to display his profile. Click on the three dots at the top right of the profile to bring up a menu of new options.

Step three: Lock the user by clicking the Lock option in the drop-down menu.

Blocking non-friends via the mobile application

It’s much easier to prevent people from sending messages from a particular Disord server. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step one: Search for a person in the DM list or in the general chat menu on the selected server.

Step two: Once you find a user, press and hold their name until a three-dot menu appears.

Step three: Press the three dots to open the menu and select a device.

What happens when you block someone on the Discord server?

The person does not get a full ban from the server or any other person on the server. When you block someone using the above method, you are only blocking their messages to yourself. You can still see your messages on the server, but you can’t see them and they can’t send you a DM.

The user you have blocked will not be able to send a DM to himself and will see an error message informing him that you have blocked this person when he tries to send you a DM. If you want to cut off communication with the person on Discord, this is probably not the best method in the long run.

The only people who can exclude or completely ban a user from a server are administrators.

Filter friend requests

Not only can you prevent people who are not friends on a particular server from sending you direct messages, but you can also set who can send you friend requests, and here’s how:

Step one: Go to User Settings and click on the Privacy & Security tab to open the privacy settings.

Step two: Find the menu and scroll down to Who can you add as a friend.

Step three: Select the group of people you want to allow to add you as a friend. You can check boxes to allow anyone, friends of friends, or server members to add you as a friend. You can check all the boxes or none if you don’t want people to add you.

How to mute a user in Discord

Not only can you block the person’s message, but you can also mute the voice channel. When you turn off the sound, the user cannot talk to you on the voice channel. User muting is very simple and involves muting the sound:

Step one: Find and click on the user’s name in the list of chapter members.

Step two: Right-click on the name of the user you want to mute.

Step three: Press Mute in the menu. Now that person can’t talk to you in voice chat.

Muting is a good choice if someone on the voice channel irritates you. However, muting is not enough to block it completely, and the user can still hear your voice or message if you haven’t already blocked it.

How to knock out a user on Discord

If you do not want a certain user to hear your speech, you can use the mute function. This prevents the person from hearing your voice. The mute is a great way to prevent the user from hearing, as it automatically mutes the sound. Here’s an easy way to disable a user on Discord:

Step one: Find the user’s profile name and drag it from the user list.

Step two: Right-click on the user’s name to open the menu.

Step three: In the menu that appears, click Deaf.

If a person goes deaf, they will not hear you speak and vice versa. This is a good way to block people who irritate you, harass you or are too aggressive in the voice channel.

How to kick a user from a Discord server

Kicking someone off the Discord server is the penultimate punishment for toxic users. They may not get fired forever, but it’s a fair warning that can teach them a lesson about how to behave the next time they’re on the server. This is a great way to disconnect the person you’re having trouble with on the Discord server, especially if the previous methods didn’t work. This is how you hit someone in Discord:

Step one: Search the list of users by user name and profile.

Step two: Right-click on the user’s name to open the following menu.

Step three: In the next menu, click on the Kick user button.

Step four: Say the reason why you want to kick the person. However, this step is optional if you don’t want the user to be able to find out why they were downloaded from the server.

Reject user from Discord server

Banning a user is the ultimate punishment and is irreversible. However, only a user with administrator rights can lock out other users. If a lot of people are having problems with a particular user, maybe you could talk to each other and ask one of the administrators to look into it.

If you are a group administrator, you can lock users:

Step one: Find the name of the user.

Step two: Right-click on the user name to open the context menu.

Step three: Press the Bun key in the following menu.

Step four:  Enter the reason for deletion, and you can also choose to delete previous messages to clear the toxic message history.

Interlock – protection class

The internet is a tough place to be. It’s certainly fun, but it can also be a very toxic place. But with these tools and blocking features, you can exclude people who may be ruining your online experience!

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