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Manufacturers around the world have been busy lately with the trend towards powerful business laptops. It seems that Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind and has come up with an upgraded Surface Pro 7 that it plans to launch in 2019. This mid-range 2-in-1 convertible with some components and feature upgrades is called Surface Pro 7+ (2021).

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We’ve been fans of the original Surface Pro 7 since its release in 2019. Although there were some obvious weaknesses of the Surface Pro 7, such as. B. the lack of imagination and updating the design, those clunky edges, we look at it, it was a device that could meet most business needs. With matching accessories, including the Type Cover keyboard, it’s a truly versatile device, both as a detachable tablet (like the Surface Book 2) and as a laptop. Let’s see what Microsoft has brought to the table with the Surface Pro 7+.

Construction and display

The design of the Surface Pro 7+ remains the same as its Pro 7 predecessor.  The chassis is made of a magnesium alloy and weighs about 1.7 kilograms. The design is high-end, and the dimensions of 0.33 x 11.5 x 7.9 inches give the Surface Pro 7+ a slim, compact look.

Extremely wearable and beautiful, but only until you turn it on. The thick edges around the screen are still there. When every conceivable tablet, from budget to mid-range to high-end, has narrow bezels and screens with rounded corners, Microsoft sticks to the same design.

The keyboard still needs to be purchased separately, which can be a big plus for many, but if you’ve already chosen one, don’t forget to include it. The black version is cheaper than the branded version in colour (grey, bordeaux or light blue). The upper part of the frame and the side panels have vents, as before. The Surface Pro 7+’s trump card was its built-in nail kickstand, which allows you to lift the tablet to different angles and, combined with a keyboard, makes it a device that can take on many laptops.

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But the lack of a physical keyboard can be a hindrance for many. The advantage of the laptop is that you can use the device on your lap. The Type Cover keyboard must be purchased separately as it is tiring to use it on your lap for long periods of time, as the flexible nature of the keyboard means that it does not have a solid surface and is vulnerable on non-rigid surfaces.

The revolutionary kickstand is now becoming a nightmare, as it is much less stable on the knees and tilts the device to one side. Posture and feet should be maintained at all times, even when a tablet and keyboard are held in place.

The problem is solved by working on a hard surface. When the footrest is unfolded and the tablet rests comfortably on the table, the Type Cover keyboard, which is attached to the device with magnets, folds out like a laptop. This ensures a comfortable writing angle. The buttons respond quickly and the trackpad is very smooth and responsive. The difference here will lead you to conclude that it is much better to use the Surface Pro 7+ on a table or hard flat surface than on your lap.

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Touch screen

The device uses a very high-quality 12.3-inch screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The screen resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels is considerably higher than that of a Full HD screen. The Pixel Sense display has a striking sharpness that is noticeable when paired with the optional Surface Pen on a tablet or in props mode. There is also a 1080p webcam that allows users to participate in video calls on an impressive 2K screen.

Power supply and connectivity

The new Surface Pro is built with Intel’s latest 11th generation processor. Generation has been brought to market. With Intel’s latest advances in Tiger Lake processors, Surface Pro 7+ offers 15-25% more battery life and performance, depending on the processor you choose. There are 11 options between the i3, i5 and i7 processors. Memory is tailored to the processor of your choice, ranging from 8GB LPDDR4x for the i3 model to 32GB for the i7 model.

However, it should be noted that the AMR is not scalable and is probably soldered. In addition to the enhanced performance offered by the latest generation processor, the Surface Pro 7+ also uses the latest Intel Iris Xe graphics, making it a great business device with excellent entertainment and gaming features.

The device stays cool even during intensive video editing and multithreaded applications. Internal fans for heat dissipation are limited to models with an i7 processor, but the performance of cheaper models with limited thermal capabilities is just as impressive.

The major drawback of this new 2-in-1 convertible is the lack of Thunderbolt support, which means it doesn’t support super-fast Thunderbolt drives and docks, as well as external graphics cards. Ports are the same as on the Surface Pro 7 with a USB Type-C port, a USB Type-A port and an all-in-one 3.5mm headphone jack.

The only interesting addition was an LTE modem, but at a higher price. It uses a Qualcomm X20 LTE modem with a SIM card slot behind the kickstand. This feature is especially useful if you do not have access to Wi-Fi and need to connect to mobile broadband. However, you will need a separate internet subscription with sim if you want to use the LTE connection option. As for other connectivity options, we have the latest generation of Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.0. The Wi-Fi response is fast, with almost no lag.

Battery storage and life

One notable feature that Microsoft has introduced, which can be found in several places above the old Surface Pro 7, is the removable storage option. This is made possible by an updated thermal design that also makes room for a slightly larger battery on the Surface Pro 7+. Storage space can now be upgraded if you are running low on space.

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There is a small square M.2 type-2230 (30mm) slot accessible through a small door behind the kickstand. The highest capacity you can choose is a 1 TB SSD. The camera has different memory options, depending on which of the 11 available options you select. The Surface Pro 7+’s brilliant performance is partly down to the speed of the SSD. This is evidenced by some of the reviews we have listed for you below.

Here is an overview of all the models and configurations you can choose from. The price increases as you go further into the order.

Battery life

The Surface Pro 7+ has a slightly larger battery capacity than its predecessor. We now have a 50.4 watt battery that provides an explosive 15 hours of emergency power in the i3 for mixed use. That’s almost 50% more than the Surface Pro 7’s 10.5 hours. This is made possible by the revolutionary 10nm Super-Fine technology used in Intel’s Tiger Lake processors. They are optimized for breakthrough performance with a low TDP of only 12 watts in standby and 28 watts under load. With a more powerful battery, you can work with your 7+ for a whole day without having to search for a charger in the middle of a presentation.


Here’s a comparison of the new Surface Pro 7 Plus in various applications we tested. The tested version is equipped with an Intel Core i5- 1135G7 processor. First up we have the Cinebench R15 CPU Tester, which tests CPU performance. This gives us an idea of the performance of the CPU when performing heavy CPU tasks.

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Next, we have the 3DMark results to evaluate the graphics capabilities of the Intel Iris Xe Graphics. The results show that a game or two at breakfast won’t hurt.

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Finally, there is a battery test. It’s a relief to know that leaving your charger at home won’t affect your day.

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Price and warranty options

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is available at various Microsoft stores worldwide. Prices vary according to the model. For starters, we have the Core i3 model (1115G4), which costs $899 and comes with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. This is a basic model that we only recommend if you are not already familiar with convertible laptops. Then there’s the Core i5 model (1135G7), which costs $1149 and comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 LTE modem. This is suitable for most regular users who are not overly dependent on the device for every need. However, he does not shy away from difficult tasks.

Finally, a Core i7 model (1165G7) with up to 32GB of memory and a 1TB SSD costs $2,799 and is suitable for hardcore users who literally have to put the device to bed. Don’t forget to add the cost of the keyboard to the total bill. It will cost you $129.99 for a cover-type keyboard and $159.99 if you want a more elegant keyboard with a touch of fabric and a special coating on the keys.

Every Surface Pro 7+ comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers mechanical defects. If you want to protect your precious convertible for longer, you can opt for an extended plan with 3 or 4 years of coverage for an additional fee. This option is available for 45 days from the date of purchase and covers all standard warranty obligations, as well as a disk backup option.

New Surface Pro and competition

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus is a device that retains the same design as the Surface Pro 7, but that’s only half the story. Underneath this interface is a series of hardware upgrades to improve performance.

Not good

However, there are a few weaknesses that Microsoft could fix in the Surface Pro 8. First, there is the keyboard factor. You can spend more on a keyboard or settle for an expensive tablet. For example, the HP Spectre x360 13 offers better features at a lower price and is a suitable convertible laptop. Then there’s the lack of 5G. A user is expected to use an expensive device like the Surface Pro 7 Plus for at least 2-3 years. As 5G becomes more common in mobile devices, its absence on the Surface Pro 7 Plus might be a game changer.

That doesn’t make the 7 Plus future-proof like the Lenovo Flex 5G or the HP Dragonfly G2. When the super-fast 5G network is finally rolled out globally, users will not be able to use it due to the lack of convertible support. Then we have a date template with thick bands. This could really be a big hurdle for many, as today’s world is leaning more and more towards slanted surfaces or full screens. Finally, the Surface Pro 7 Plus does not feature the latest generation of Thunderbolt ports.

Thunderbolt ports are the order of the day in laptops and convertibles for rapid expansion, but they’re sadly absent from Microsoft’s latest offering. The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 beats the Surface Pro 7 Plus hands down in this category.


But from another point of view, few can match the Surface Pro 7 Plus. This angle is power. For business people who care less about style and more about performance, the return of this device would certainly be a good thing. The power of Intel’s latest generation of integrated CPUs and GPUs handles tasks like a warm knife through butter.

Only a few devices can beat the price of the new Surface Pro 7 Plus, namely the HP Spectre x360 13. Then there’s the removable media option, which allows you to use this device for months or even years. Removable media is not usually found in convertibles, and this is a segment where Microsoft is ahead of many.

Finally, the phenomenal battery performance of around 15 hours may only be surpassed by the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano, which is also evident from the benchmark test results.

Nonetheless, the new Surface Pro 7 Plus is a great business convertible that is sure to offer long-lasting performance and be useful for all your business needs.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus



  • Excellent performance; Tiger Lake processor
  • Solid construction quality, stable performance of the stand
  • Powerful graphics; Iris Xe GPU
  • Removable SSD
  • Good battery life, thermal management


  • Dated design, large bezel
  • No Thunderbolt port, still few ports.
  • No 5G connectivity, but LTE is available.
  • The keyboard is always optional
  • Without fan only for lower models

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