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The Devastator is the heavy class of Outriders, someone who moves slowly and carries powerful weapons. Some speed is sacrificed for performance, and if you don’t know how to use it here, you won’t survive. Riders are not campers, this is a loot and shoot game where you have to think fast but be strategic. Enemies increase in number and strength in the different levels of the world. Luckily we don’t rely on weapons alone, a set of three special abilities can turn the tide in seconds. In this guide, I’ll help you build the best Devastator of the Outriders. If you love this character, here is the best set of skills, abilities, weapons and armor you should wear to become unstoppable.

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The Devastator unit in Outriders has three different types: Vanquisher, Warden or Seismic Shifter. Before we begin our building tips, here are three ways to understand it. You can choose from three categories depending on your fighting style.

  1. Devastator Vankisher: Concentrate on high weapon damage, short range damage, critical hits and lots of ammo.
  2. Destructive leader: Concentrate on health buffs, skill buffs and team buffs.
  3. Seismic Devastator Shifter: Concentrate on getting more damage from the skill, increasing the power of the anomaly, and the armor bonus. Balanced building with damage bonus + health.

Each of these types has special perks that unlock additional bonuses on the battlefield. Without knowing these benefits, you will not be able to complete the construction.


  1. Confrontation: Reduces physical damage by +10% for 5 seconds to enemies that attack you. The effect is doubled when you deal damage to an opponent.
  2. Modified fees : Gain +70% weapon damage for 10 seconds at the end of kinetic skills.


  1. Lord of Battle: +10% health for each enemy killed at close range.
  2. A powerful tank: +10% Anomaly Armor + Firepower.

Seismic shear

  1. Skilled Security Officer: +20% armor and toughness for 10 seconds at the end of the skill.
  2. Earth’s Legacy: +50% damage to the base of the seismic skill.

Devastator belongs to the Tank class, which means he is the strongest of the group. His damage and defense are high, but with some limitations. We can overcome this by adding the right set of skills, abilities, equipment and weapons. The problem with building the Devastator is that it relies heavily on equipment. As the end of the game approaches, you’ll need a lot of equipment to survive, as enemies also level up with more powerful armor.

Newcomers Devastator build:

  1. Skills: Earthquake, gravity jump, and Golem.
  2. Positive: Havoc, Colossus, Paladin and Anomaly bullets.
  3. Mod: Stamina, Death Golem, Armor Support, Land Destruction, and Life Absorption.
  4. The main weapon: Sinister arrow or headache gun.
  5. Secondary weapons: The best gun with lots of damage.
  6. Weapon modifications: An explosion of anomalies, fireworks, hot blood, ricochets and bullets of vulnerability.

The best destroyer:

  1. Skills: Deflecting balls, gravity jump and Golem.
  2. Positive: Havoc, Strong Arm Anomaly, Infinite Watch, Eternal Movement, Brawl, Shotgun Master, Vein Anomaly, Mafia Resistance and Mighty Tank.
  3. Mod: Stamina, Golem of Death, Armor Enhancement, Auto Reflection, Bullet Acceleration, and Bleed Pulse.
  4. The main weapon: The legendary automatic rifle – death shield.
  5. Secondary weapons: Any powerful SMG.

Devastator’s best skills:

  1. Golem: -65% damage within 8 seconds
  2. Deflecting bullets: Bounces all projectiles off the enemy.
  3. Impalement: Attacks with large spines from the ground, causing him to bleed. A Leath Damage unlocks an additional buffet. Armor bonus + life energy regeneration for nearby allies for 9 seconds.

You can now see the entire Devastator class tree, which focuses on three different types of fighting styles. This will help you choose the best class, and you can spend class points wisely on trailblazers.

ClassDevastator Boom – Vankian

  1. Devastation: +8% weapon damage.
  2. Armor penetration: +15% armor penetration.
  3. Brawler: +15% short range weapon damage.
  4. Attack Adjuvant: +12% damage to attack weapons.
  5. Devastation: +8% weapon damage.
  6. Legacy Armor: Gives 20% armor for 10 seconds when enemies die in melee.
  7. Right on target: +20% critical damage.
  8. Devastation: +8% weapon damage.
  9. Attack Wizard: +7% damage to attack weapons for
  10. each unlocked node of the concentration class. +12%
  11. Attack weapons. You can
  12. Weapons such as the assault rifle and the light machine gun,
  13. A submachine gun and a double barrel pistol.
  14. Eternal motion: -15% KINETIC cooling capacities.
  15. Dry them: +5% Weapon level.
  16. Bounty Hunter: +15% damage against the elite. -15% damage against the elite.
  17. Ammunition supply: +50% of the warehouse size.
  18. Steady Hands: -30% off Gun Coil.
  19. Brawler: +15% short range weapon damage.
  20. Bullet attack: 20% cooldown.
  21. Confrontation: Enemies who will hurt you
  22. their physical damage is reduced by 10% over 5 years
  23. Seconds. The effect is doubled if you also deal damage to that opponent.
  24. Armor penetration: +15% armor penetration.
  25. Modified Fee: +70% weapon damage for 10 seconds when KINETIC skills end.

Devices Class Boom – Warden

  1. Colossus: +10% health.
  2. Anomaly in the veins: +1% health per second.
  3. Where Fry: +15% damage repair within 10 seconds of completing the KINETIC skill.
  4. Vim and Stamina: +10% weapon damage for each unlocked anomaly in the Veins class node.
  5. Paragon of resistance: +20% resistance.
  6. Legacy Armor: +20% armor for 10 seconds when an enemy does this in melee.
  7. Gain squared: +5% of maximum health for each round collected on the battlefield.
  8. Commander Outrigger: +20% healing and +20% shielding for you and your team.
  9. Infinity Clock: -15% cooldown on PROTECT ability.
  10. Stand up to the crowd: +15% Increases resistance to kill any enemy in melee.
  11. Tank: +20% armor.
  12. Lord of Battle: +10% health to kill any enemy in melee combat.
  13. Uninterrupted Wish: +100% chance to negate damage that can kill you and +50% health. The effect can occur every 180 seconds.
  14. Mighty Tank: +10% firepower on armor and +10% abnormal strength.

Devastator class tree – Seismic displacement

  1. Anomaly tank: +6% anomaly capacity.
  2. Rejuvenation: +6% Leech capacity.
  3. Endless tremors: -15% Cooling capacity SEISMIC.
  4. Eternal motion: -15% KINETIC cooling capacities.
  5. Red Rivers: +30% bleeding time.
  6. Red Rivers: +30% bleeding time.
  7. Massacre: +Blood affects enemies.
  8. The Gift of Blood: +35% health for blood damage.
  9. Trained Security Officer: +20% armor and +20% toughness for 10 seconds when your skills expire.
  10. Stone circle : Stay at a distance of 4 meters from the nearest area.
  11. Hangman: +20 damage to enemies with less than 30% health.
  12. Protected by an Anomaly: +40% armor bonus thanks to your Abnormal Power.
  13. Earth’s Legacy: +50% damage to the SEISMIC skill base.

You might want to look closely at the types of class buffs that can be unlocked for each Devastator build type. This allows you to make the best Devastator flush mount boxes. Remember to find the right gear to get the most out of this build when playing solo. It’s a tedious job, but once you find the right combination, you can make quick progress. That’s all you need for this build. Stay tuned to GamerTweak for more build guides to come.

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