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Sidia is a very popular application these days. Cydia is essentially a batch management app, mostly for mobile phones, that also works for iOS devices. This application allows users to search and install software on pirated iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, that are not authorized by Apple. But for some reason, the application is not working now. So here’s a great alternative for the same. This is a Sileo application.

Sileo is an alternative to Cydia, for iOS 11 and iOS 12. The latest version of sileo now supports iOS 13.  The Sileo application is developed by Cool Star, the developer of Electra Jailbreak. Compared to cydia, Sileo is quite fast, quick and also light. Read to the end for more information about the Sileo application. In its debut, Sileo was primarily launched as a third-party package manager, which means a complete replacement for the Cydia app, but that’s not all, the Sileo team wants to expand further.

In a sense, only hacked users can use Sileo to install packages, while non-hacked users can use the Sileo application to access all other features.

Sileo application overview

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Sileo as browser Repo

You can even use Sileo as a repository browser and receive all package update notifications on your jailbroken iPhone. However, to use it as a repo browser as well, you need to save a list of repo URLs in the Notes app, and then use the batch add feature to add them every time you open the Sileo app.

On the other hand, you can even run the Sileo application in the background. Then you don’t have to overwrite the source code every time you restart the application.

Clearly, Sileo is not as important on an unhacked device as it is on a hacked device. However, it can still be called a repo browser. And, frankly, that’s why many users are interested.

Characteristics of the Sileo application

The 0.7b2 version of Sileo contains some new features and, in addition, some bug fixes. This update provides full support for 3D touch gestures, both on the home screen and in the app, so you can open shortcuts with the ability to look inside the app itself.
This solved a problem that could cause the Sileo application to crash. Also, the back button works better now. Electra has made Sileo one of the default package managers. So it’s up to you whether you choose Sileo or Cydia.

The reason for its introduction

Sidia was introduced 15 years ago and Sauric is essentially a main character. However, if you notice that Saurik has been completely silent lately and the latest jailbreak developers don’t have enough time to wait for Saurik to update Cydia to the latest version.
In that spirit, they created their own version of Cydianam, Sileo. If you compare, Sileo is much faster than Cydia, and all the credit for the same, goes to Electra Jailbreak Team plus more as they made such a great package.

It is a very good package manager, and while we were testing with the new jailbreak store, for example, we learned much more :

  • Every Cydia repo is fully compatible with the third-party app store – no modifications required.
  • Tweaks can be easily added by developers and also in apps in this jailbreak store.
  • All tweaks that don’t support iOS 11 or higher are immediately removed, leaving you the only one with working tweaks.
  • easy to use
  • faster than Cydia.
  • Cydia purchases can still be made now.

However, the fact that Sileo will be good for iOS 11 and beyond, but not quite for versions below iOS 11, is also a downside. For versions below iOS 11, Cydia can be used without any problems. In the future, Sileo will not be compatible with 32-bit devices.
But somehow Sileo can work with both previous Cydia repositories and packages, and that’s an important implementation detail for jailbreakers.

How to install Sileo on iPhone/iPad with Cydia Impactor :

You can even download sileo from cydia impactor and here is how to do it :

>> Step 1) First, download the Sileo IPA file to your computer.

>> Step 2) Next, download Cydia Impactor.

>> Step 3) Connect the devices and the computer with a USB cable.

>> Step 4) You should now open the Sidia Impator.

>> Step 5) Drag and drop the IPA file you downloaded in step 1 into Cydia Impactor.

>> Step 6) Cydia Impactor will now ask you for your Apple ID and password, which are only verified with Apple and also used to log into the IPA file. If you don’t want to give it out, I recommend creating another Apple ID and using it for the same thing.

>> Step 7) Once the application is installed, open Settings, then General, then tap Profiles (or Device Manager / Profiles and Device Manager). Then find the profile with your Apple ID and open it consistently.

>> Step 8) Click on the Trust button.

> Step 9) Now you have to open the application and enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions about Sileo

  1. How long does it take for Sileo to work?

The commissioning of Sileo takes 2 to 3 hours, and once all the work is completed, the device is turned on.

2. Is it compatible with all iOS devices?

This really only applies to iOS devices that later support a different operating system.

3. Is it safe for the device?

Yes, it is a safe attacker, you don’t have to worry about viruses or malware.

These are the most frequently asked questions and answers from a large number of users.


Here is a complete guide on what is Sileo app, what are its advantages over other apps and also how to get this app from cydia impactor. It is clear that the Sileo application is a good alternative to cidia. It also has many other great features that you should check out. So download this excellent application now.

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