What is Chinning (And Is It Worth Doing?) –

Chin-Ups are one of the best exercises for building upper-body strength, and they’re the only exercises that can really develop your lats. The lats are the biggest, most functional muscles in your back, and they’re especially important for anyone focusing on upper body strength and fitness. Chin-Ups are also an excellent exercise for focusing on developing your grip, which can […]

I got to 100 Score and now I am free!

I know I’m late, but I’m finally done running. And I’m so happy. So far I’ve loved Seasons, I’ve done 1 and 3 (this one). Overall, Seasons has radically changed the way I look at gaming. SeasonSeason For season 1, I played from the beta and reached level 126 as a sniper with all the potential of a sniper, which […]

BTR-50P4: Soviet Meat Chopper – War Thunder Games Guide

​ BTR-50P4 TheBTR-50P4 was an experimental Soviet anti-aircraft gun that mounted four 14.5 mm KPV machine guns on the BTR-50 chassis. The BTR-50P4 will play a similar role to the US M16 GMC, i.e. heavy machine gun fire with sufficient ammunition in reserve, which should prove superior at lower combat levels. As such, I suggest this machine has a combat […]

Super Animal Royale Milestone Completionist Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to disguise all the normal and secret levels of the Super Anime Royale game. We also give you tips on how to get them easily. Before continuing, please note that this guide may contain spoilers about the game. Read on at your own risk. Without further ado, let’s get to work. Super Animal […]

The Ultimate List –

Final Fantasy XI is Square Enix’s longest running MMORPG and has been around for over two decades. Despite his age, Vana diel still bustles with the life of adventurers from old to new. The game has significantly lowered its steep difficulty curve in recent years, making it much more accessible to players who want to take the plunge. This list […]

Destiny 2 Soft Cap 2021 Season of Arrival

The selected season of Destiny 2 has arrived and the Destiny 2 softcover has been expanded. Below are all the details about Destiny 2 Soft Cap’s 2021 Arrival Season, take a look. Bungie is getting regular updates and changes for Destiny 2. In Season of the Chosen, they made a number of changes to the game, including changes to Destiny […]

Why do some developers love to make games frustrating

I don’t understand how developers design games that they don’t make challenging, just because they generate pure rage I enjoyed God of War’s unchallenging climbing lock, and I liked it as long as the game decided to disappoint me not something challenging just disappointing for its own sake, like a big fight in a farce, and when you’re done with […]