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I know I’m probably saying the poison is worthless in DS3, but for fun I thought it was worth a try.

And it was viable?

…not really.

But I realized it’s more effective than I thought, and requires very little investment in terms of statistics!

So, for those of you who want to incorporate some poison into your builds, whether it’s in PvP or long boss fights, I’m going to show you some awesome weapons with poison!

5. Sword of the right hand tooth

The spiked straight sword is an underrated monster that is especially superior in early PvP games and invasions.

Before I make a fool of myself for thinking this weapon is useful, let me explain further.

At the beginning of the game, you should spend most of your stats on health and stamina (especially in PvP), since physical stats have no effect on poison accumulation – which this weapon has both!

So you can comfortably get through the beginning of the game with all your HP stats and still destroy people with those double stats!

How to get there: Drowned by the dark spirit Kirk in the cathedral of the deep.

4. Lazy pear shooter

The Ghru weapon is the most famous poison gathering weapon, as it is the only basic weapon with unmistakable poison in the entire game.

Sure, they’ve all been on that list, but the Lance is by far the worst.

Unfortunately, the spears in DS3 are not very good.

They are slow, can dodge easily, and have terrible base damage – Groo Lance is no exception.

Nevertheless, he’s fine, and his range allows him to administer the poison from a relatively safe distance!

How to get there: Planted by Groo, who used it in the Farron marshes.

3. Onikiri and Ubadachi

When it comes to using poison and bleeding, O&U is absolutely fantastic.

When they get hit, they get 38 poisons and 34 bleeds, which may not seem like much.

But when you factor in the multiple hits and massive dizziness these things cause, the counters pile up quickly.

Plus, their base damage remains decent, and they retain the C/C scale thanks to Strength/Ex!

This is a really solid choice for high-end designs that want to spice up their playing style a bit.

How to get there: Thrown to the top of the great archive by Kamui’s black hand.

2. Tainted Scimitar Groo

And now, the two dogs that could honestly be at the top of this list.

The curved ghru is more of a basic weapon option for players who really want to move forward with the poison.

The build is good, but what’s amazing is his damage – which remains solid thanks to his B-scratch in Dex!

As if using the enemy’s poison wasn’t enough, thanks to the incredible DPS this thing can dispense, they’ll be fighting the entire battle – and probably never get a chance to heal!

How to get there: Planted by Groo, who used it in the Farron marshes.

1. Rotten Dagger Groo

The Crane Dagger, on the other hand, is more of a poisonous addition that can be attached to any structure.

His damage is low, but he has a powerful quick-step ability and a tremendous amount of poison when he builds up!

It poisons most enemies in just a few hits!

Put it at the mercy of any pattern and boom – a gift on demand, any time.

His damage may not be as great as that of a twisted fungus, but for pure poison use he is the best dog.

How to get there: Planted by Groo, who used it in the Farron marshes.

frequently asked questions

What is the best ds3 infusion?

The best talisman is the one you get in the Firelink Shrine after completing the Sirris quest, the Darkmoon Talisman. It scales the same way as Dark Weapon. Hemorrhagic infusion flakes are lucky and have no spell-based buff, but there is a resin, Red Cathus, that adds temporary hemorrhagic damage. The Frostgrind is a DLC add-on.

What is the best weapon in ds3?.

Dark Souls 3 – Best weapon.

Is the raw brew good ds3?

Raw Infusion is generally meant for low-level builds, since scaling on stats doesn’t exist or isn’t necessary. … If you play a mage/confessional build, raw infused weapons are also good in the late game, as the weapon buffs are usually better than elemental infusions.

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