Outfits, Hair & More –

Growing up, my mother’s closet was like my own Narnia. I immediately fell for the large bundles of printed shirts, soft cardigans and flirty maxi dresses and tried them on one by one like it was fashion week. It’s going to end with a good beating. But even after that, I found my mother’s fashion choices more exciting than any […]

Best Weapons For Poison Infusion (Ranked) –

I know I’m probably saying the poison is worthless in DS3, but for fun I thought it was worth a try. And it was viable? …not really. But I realized it’s more effective than I thought, and requires very little investment in terms of statistics! So, for those of you who want to incorporate some poison into your builds, whether […]

The 10 Best Graphic Design Software of 2021

People who understand the graphics game will understand how important it is to use good graphics software that allows you to play with the tools, get creative with the design and create an excellent portfolio. A good graphic design software should be both simple and complex, simple for beginners to define their creative side and complex for professionals to create […]

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506II-AS53 Laptop Review

ASUS has updated its line of affordable gaming laptops with the new ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506II-AS53. Judging by the price, this is an entry-level gaming laptop. Don’t be fooled. The features and reliability go far beyond what you’d expect from a device that costs no more than a mid-range ultrabook with far less performance. Overview First of all, I […]

These Are the Best Chromebooks Under $200 for 2021

Chromebooks are known as cheap laptops that allow you to do almost anything you can do with a regular laptop, but at a fraction of the price. Pretty cool, huh? It’s true that Chromebooks have their drawbacks, but for those who just need a highly portable device used primarily for web browsing, writing, and streaming movies, videos, or music, they’re […]