[6 Methods] Backup And Restore Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra

If you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra, then this article is very important for you. When you buy a new phone, you need to perform a few backup steps to make sure you don’t lose any data from your phone. However, data loss is one of the most serious but common situations. This can be very serious if you do not have backups of this lost data.

So today, in this tutorial, I will tell you some of the best ways to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra phone in different ways.

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Method 1: One Click Backup & Restore Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra (recommended)

Backing up your phone’s data is not a difficult task, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for users. But now you don’t have to worry anymore, because you will get the best way to deal with it. Android Data Backup & Restore is professional software that allows you to backup and restore your data easily and hassle-free. This allows you to back up valuable data such as photos, contacts, text messages, audio recordings, documents, notes, applications, calendars and more with just one click.

If you have backed up all this data, you can easily restore it at any time. This is the best way to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and other devices. So just download Android Backup & Recovery and Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra 5G Backup & Recovery.

Read the full step-by-step instructions to learn how to use the program.


Method 2: Backup and restore S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra 5G via Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is another way to backup and restore data from the Galaxy S21 series. It offers Samsung users 15GB of free cloud storage where they can store important data. You can use it to store contacts, photos, calendars, notes, etc.

Follow the instructions to backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus:

  • First, on your Galaxy S21, go to Settings > then Cloud and Account > select Samsung Cloud to manage your data. But also create an account to connect to the service.
  • Now click on the three dots and select Synchronization and Auto Backup Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Now in the Synchronization tab, move the slider down and enable the different types of data you want to synchronize.
  • Then click on the Auto Backup button, scroll down and select the data you want to back up, for example B. Contacts, Gallery, Calendar, etc.
  • Now if you want to restore data and settings from your Galaxy phone, open Samsung Cloud and select Restore Data. Select the data you want to recover and click Recover.

Method 3: Use Samsung account to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy users have another option to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus via Samsung account. Follow the instructions:

Below are the steps to follow to back up data with a Samsung account:

  • First, go to Phone settings > Account & backup > tap Back up and restore.

  • Then select the Save Data option

  • If your phone is not synced with your Samsung account, enter your username and password to sync your phone.
  • Now click on the login option
  • Then select the application you want to save and click Save.

  • When the data is completely reserved, click the Done option.

Follow the steps to restore your Samsung account data:

  • First, go to the settings of your Galaxy device.
  • Then select Account and Backup > click Backup and Restore > Restore Data.
  • Select a backup previously made with the same account, then select a backup.
  • Then select the application you want to restore.
  • Now click on the Restore button.
  • Finally click on Install

Method 4: Back up and restore Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with your Google Account

Google also offers another way to backup and restore data from the Galaxy S21 series. You must perform the following steps according to the instructions:

How to backup Samsung Galaxy S21 series using Google account:

  • First, go to Settings > Choose System > Backup.
  • Now activate the backup on Google Cloud Drive and all your data will be copied.

To restore your Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra from Google Drive, follow the steps below.

  • Start by connecting the device to a stable network connection.
  • Then go to Settings > Accounts & Backups > Manage Accounts > Add Account > Google and sign in to your Google account to set up the backup.
  • After you log in, a list of backups is displayed. Select the one you want, then click the Recover button to recover your Galaxy S21 series data.

Method 5: Using Samsung Smart Switch to back up data with Samsung Galaxy S21

The Smart Switch enables data transfer from Galaxy devices. It’s an easy way to back up your Samsung phone to your PC and even sync your data with your new devices.

  • First you need to install Smart Switch and then connect your Samsung device to your computer with a USB cable. To allow important authorizations on your phone, select Allow.

  • Now click on the Backup option after opening the Smart Switch, and it will automatically start backing up the data on the device. After a few minutes you will get a message, click OK to continue.

Follow the steps below to recover data from Galaxy S21 series:

  • Start Samsung Smart Switch on the PC first
  • Then connect the device to the PC
  • Then click on the option Restore now.

  • Then you have to give permission to the Galaxy phone.
  • Now click on the Allow option to start the recovery process.
  • When the process is complete, a message will appear indicating that the process has been completed.
  • Finally, click the OK button to complete the process.

Method 6: Samsung Galaxy S21 Backup and Recovery via Shareit

There are also other methods that can help you back up and restore your Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus phone. Among them, Sharit is one of them. This is a popular application for sharing data between Android devices. With its help, all data such as photos, videos, applications, music and others can be easily transferred.

Perform the following steps:

  • First, download and install the SHAREit application on your Samsung Galaxy S21 phone and even on your Windows computer. Now open the application on your phone and computer. Then, on your S21 phone, press Send to search for files on the Select Files page. Then select the files you want to backup and finally select Next.
  • Then launch SHAREit on your PC, click Get > Find Mobile Hotspot. Now press the PC Search Mobile option on your phone to connect to your computer. Then click on the avatar you are looking for and start the transfer process.

Also if you want to recover data from PC to Samsung using SHAREit application, it is possible. The only difference is that on the S21 phone, you must first select Send and then press Receive.


This is the end of this blog where we have discussed different methods to backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy S21 phone. Follow all the methods, because backup is very important to avoid unexpected situations of data loss. For advanced methods, go for the Android data backup and restore tool because it is easy to use and backs up all your data without any hassle. Best of all, you can also use it to retrieve data at any time.

If you need more help or suggestions, please leave a comment in the section below.

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frequently asked questions

How can I recover data from Samsung Knox?

Safety dossier ‘ Contents

How do I recover data after a Samsung factory reset?

To restore data after an Android reset, go to Backup & Restore under Settings. Now look for the Restore option and select the backup file you created before restarting your Android phone. Select the file and recover all data.

Does Samsung data recovery work?

In fact, we can call Samsung data recovery also Android data recovery because most of them support Samsung phones and tablets as well as other Android phones and tablets.

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