4 Cars You Can Drive Without A License

Nowadays, cars that can be driven without a license are becoming increasingly popular in developed countries. The big advantage is that you do not have to take an exam to drive such a vehicle. All that is required is a certificate, which can be obtained from a licensed driving school.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The cars have a beautiful design (even if they are not the most elegant on the market), are small and have a low impact on the environment. Moreover, the level of safety offered is superior to that of a mountain bike, scooter or bicycle, while comfort is comparable to that of a standard vehicle.

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Vehicles which may be driven without a licence

The minimum age to drive such a vehicle is 16 years. This can be helpful for teens, as it allows them to gain more driving experience. Even if you already have a driver’s license, such a car comes in handy. If your licence has been revoked, you can drive a Bellier, a Chatenet or an Aixam without any problem.

Cars that can be driven without a licence – Bellier Jade Classic

The Bellier Jade Classic, the first car on our list, is equipped with a 523 cc diesel engine that develops 5.4 hp. The maximum speed is 45 km/h and the tank capacity is 20 liters. Don’t worry about the fuel consumption, which is only 3.2 per 100 kilometers. The car weighs just 390 kilograms, but can seat just two people. If you are interested in this model, you should know that it is available for 9,900 euros.

Cars allowed to drive without a license – Linen Jade Racing

Given the type of cars we present in this list, don’t expect improvements worthy of a true race car. In fact, the only improvements over the classic model are the sport seats, seat belts, black wheels, Sparco wheel hub, sport shifter, sport pedals, chromed dual exhaust and sport decals. The price starts at 11,700 euros.

Vehicles which may be driven without a licence – Aixam Coupé

The Aixam Coupé has a 400 cc engine that produces 5.4 hp, giving it a top speed of 45 km/h. They will have lower fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, and the tank capacity will also be smaller (by 16 liters, to be exact). This beautiful car seats two and if you want air conditioning, you have to pay 1040 euros extra.

The price of the Aixam Crossline is not significantly different from that of the previous vehicles. The Coupé S version will cost €9,800, while the Coupé Premium and Coupé GTI versions will cost €11,800 and €11,500 respectively.

Vehicles which may be driven without a licence – Chatenet CH26

The most popular brand in this market segment is Chatenet CH26. It is equipped with a 523 cc engine that develops 5.4 hp, just like the Bellier Jade Classic. Maximum speed is 45 km/h, consumption is 3 litres per 100 kilometres. The boot holds 600 litres and the price of the car is €13,025. If you want the sport version, it costs 910 € more.

frequently asked questions

Which car can I drive without a UK driving licence?

Aixam Coupe: a car for which you do not need a driving licence.

Do I need a driving licence to drive a Renault Twizy?

On the thorny subject of driving licences, it seems that the Twizy can be driven with a full licence (even an automatic licence) OR a motorcycle if it was bought before 2001: This grandfather rule made quads eligible for Class B1. ‘ If in doubt, check your B1 licence.

Which vehicles are part of the LMV?

Driving Licence

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