3 best emulators to play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love on PC

MuMu Emulator is another excellent program that allows you to emulate and play Ragnarok M games on your PC. This software is lightweight compared to Bluestacks and NoxPlayer, but it also has a lot of features.

The interface is designed to be user-friendly and allows you to access configuration options related to computing power and the memory you want to allocate to your Android virtual device. It has simple drag-and-drop features and also allows you to change the resolution settings for optimal gameplay.

You can also connect the controller to the MuMu to make a keyboard and mouse unnecessary. This works well for users who are already used to playing with controllers, but you can also set up custom keyboard shortcuts for each action you perform in the game.

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How can I change Ragnarok FPS to get better performance?

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve found an online hack that will allow your computer to reach 60 fps (frames per second) when running the latest Ragnarok on BlueStacks 4 and NoxPlayer.

These settings only work if your system is capable of running at the required capacity. If you have poor or average computer skills, it is best not to use this method.

Message: This is not a real hack, because it is not an unofficial manipulation. It’s basically a series of tweaks you can apply to your software to improve your performance.

Settings for BlueStacks 4:

  1. Find the gear button in the top right corner of the Bluestacks window and click Settings.
  2. On the Display tab, set the highest resolution possible for your screen and set the DPI to High.
  3. On the Engine tab, set the graphics mode to DirectX, the processor cores to 4, and the memory to 4096 MB.
  4. Click Restart Now to restart the program and apply all changes.

Settings for NoxPlayer :

  1. Find the gear icon in the top right corner of NoxPlayer and click it.
  2. Click on the Advanced Settings button and on the Performance tab, set the Custom option and select the highest resolution available.
  3. Select Tablet from the Startup Options tab.
  4. Set the render mode to speed (DirectX) and the frame rate settings to 60.

Of course, you can choose the best resolution settings to suit your own screen. When it comes to allocating RAM to your Android virtual device, you can calculate the amount of MB as the result of multiplying 1 GB by 1024. (For example, 5GB RAM x 1024 = 5192MB).

Ragnarok M Institutions into play:

  1. Click on More > Settings – in the top right corner of the game screen.
  2. Set the default resolution – this will use the resolution of your emulator settings.
  3. In power-saving mode, clear the Screen Saver check box to prevent the automatic reduction of graphic settings in standby mode.
  4. Click on the Players shown tab and set it to High – this option allows you to see all the players in the game.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best Android emulator software on the market in 2019 that lets you play Ragnarok M : Eternal love on your Windows computer.

The tools listed in this guide allow you to customize every aspect of the emulator’s settings to create a personalized gaming experience.

You can adjust the resolution to the screen you’re using, the processing power and allocated memory, root access rights for applications, and you can even run multiple instances of the software – NoxPlayer and BlueStacks.

MuMu is a great lightweight option that is compatible with less powerful systems, so you can play your favorite game no matter how powerful your platform is.

We would like to hear your opinion and experience with the software presented in this article. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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