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Month: April 2021

The 6 best motherboard information software to use

ASTRA32 is a portable, platform-independent utility for Windows that provides detailed information about your computer’s hardware. It analyzes various components to give you detailed information about your system specifications. ASTRA32 consists of 9 sections that provide a detailed report on computer motherboards, operating systems, networks, video cards and monitors, storage devices, memory and ports. ASTRA […]

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Download, Install & Use Notify for Amazfit &amp Zepp: Your privacy first on PC (Windows & Mac)

Notify & Fitness for Amazfit is a tool that allows us to improve the environment in which we track the statistics collected by our smartwatch. As with the official Amazfit and Mi Fit app, we can still comprehensively track our data with improved graphs and comparisons of results over days, weeks and months. The interface […]

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How to Reduce Taskbar Updates for News and Interests in Windows 10

You can reduce the number of taskbar updates for messages and interests in Windows 10. The new News & Interest widget includes an additional option to save bandwidth. This feature is disabled by default, but can be easily enabled. As of Windows 10 build 21286, Microsoft has added a new button that displays a compact […]

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